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Discover the Light Within

A story of personal triumph, and the revelation that came with it

I grew up in the midst of abuse, poverty, homelessness, little or no food, sometimes no running water, or heat, or friends, and sometimes entirely alone. My dad left me when I was 2, and when I was 11, my mom left me too. But I discovered that people can be strong. That they can overcome. That sometimes they just need to be given a chance, or a little help.
This is the story of my life, my personal journey of self-discovery, and the startling revelations that came with it.
Truth is, you are powerful, strong, and amazing. And when you understand this, you suddenly realize what you’re capable of. You will find confidence and will live your life with boldness. You won’t settle for things that are beneath you. You will pursue greatness with vigor and resolve. You will discover where to go and how to get there. You will experience profound happiness and emotional stability.
What will you find, when you discover the light within?

Escape Velocity

Escape your past, change your future

Escape velocity is the term used to describe what it takes for an object to leave the gravitational pull of the earth. Just like a rocket is held captive, grounded by gravity, in life we too are held back by a multitude of our own gravitational pulls… The gravitational pull of our past, of our self-beliefs, of our peers, of our environment, of our labels, our emotions, our habits, and more. Each of these exert a gravitational pull on us, preventing us from progressing in life.
But you can experience meaningful and lasting change by escaping those gravitational pulls. Escape Velocity is a framework and methodology that will teach you how to do just that. From architecting your own life launch event, to sustaining momentum, to recovering from a stall, you’ll learn everything you need to escape the pulls that have been holding you back, so you can experience a much greater future.

Life Engineers Guidebook

The definitive guide to taking control of your own life

One of the greatest discoveries of my life was the realization of the universal nature of true principles. That they can be extracted from one discipline, and applied to life, with profound impact.
After more than 20 years of research across dozens of disciplines, industries, and scientific fields, I’ve synthesized and distilled the best principles and practices into a single volume.
Including principles and practices from fields like cognitive and behavioral psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, business, product management, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, physics, and yes, even rocket science!
For the first time ever in a single volume, this is the definitive guide for everyone interested in gaining the ability to take control of your life and engineer your own success.

Don’t fool yourself

Understanding the ways you rob yourself of success

We tend to tell ourselves lies. Often these lies have been planted in our minds by others, sometimes dating all the way back to our youth. Sometimes we manufacture lies ourselves to help us feel better about our lack of progress, or to give ourselves an excuse to not try. But wherever these lies come from, they act as powerful gravitational pulls that hold us captive and keep us from achieving greatness. This book uncovers the most common lies, helps you identify the lies you tell yourself, and teaches you how to knock-it-the-heck-off so you can move forward in life!
Warning, this book may be hard to read. It faces you to confront your greatest enemy… your negative self.

Engineering Change

Top principles and practices to help you change your life

Change can be easier than you think. In this book you’ll discover the biological underpinnings of behavior, and 10 basic practices that will empower you to experience lasting change by reverse-engineering it. Expect to gain a sense of confidence and renewed hope by realizing just how simple change can be, and knowing exactly how to engineer it.


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The leading framework for achieving success in life

Life Engineering
The disciplined pursuit of excellence

Life Engineering is dedicated to helping individuals, parents, leaders, and organizations achieve excellence. We provide the tools and the training, the motivation and the methodology to move beyond where you’ve been, to go farther than you thought you could… to achieve more, to become more. It’s about more than just success.

It’s the disciplined pursuit of excellence.