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Measuring progress in life

Score is about measuring progress against each of your critical contexts. It helps you assess the effectiveness of your plan. It helps you ensure accurate perceptions about the things that matter most in life. And it helps motivate movement. When you do score right, you meaningfully impact your motivation to move forward and the likelihood that you’ll hit your objectives.

16 Elements - Score - How to measure progress in life

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Purpose Finder
Find out why you’re here!

The Purpose Finder uses the 16 Elements of Success as a foundation to help you discover what your purpose is in life.

Warning: This is a difficult assessment. It takes some time and it takes some emotional labor. But it’s worth it. When you’re done, you’ll have a clearer sense of purpose, and if not a destination, you’ll at least have a sense of direction.

You can find this tool in your Engineer’s Toolkit, or just click below.

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This is the book Essentialism, which we mentioned in the session. It’s all about the disciplined pursuit of less. It’s about how (and why) we should stop saying yes to everything, and start saying no to things. It’s about how to focus, and how by doing so, you end up in your highest state of contribution. It’s a fantastic book for every context you are considering optimizing.

This is the book Switch, that we discussed so much in the session. It’s all about how to change, when change is hard. It breaks down change efforts into three primary categories… how to direct the rider, how to motivate the elephant, and how to shape the path. Each of those three sections are broken down into three action steps. It’s filled with examples and illustrations that really help you understand how to put each to work. Wonderful book, probably one of my top 5.

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We tend to keep score of lots of things that don’t really matter that much… our weight, our height, our bank account, our social likes or friends or followers. But we often struggle to keep score of what matters most in our lives, and that means we miss out on a huge means of motivation. In this session we’ll create a custom scorecard just for you and based off your life Objective (Ob), your Plan (Pl), Growth (Gr), Meaning (Me), Investment (In) and the things you Value (Va). We’ll turn “Score” into a primary motivator that will pull you forward in life and help you identify early when you might be in a stall.

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Life Engineering
The disciplined pursuit of excellence

Life Engineering is dedicated to helping individuals, parents, leaders, and organizations achieve excellence. We provide the tools and the training, the motivation and the methodology to move beyond where you’ve been, to go farther than you thought you could… to achieve more, to become more. It’s about more than just success.

It’s the disciplined pursuit of excellence.