What too often happens:

Without guiding principles you have no moral compass.

With no moral compass, all paths seem of near equal value.  Since there are more wasteful paths than worthwhile ones, chances are, you’ll wind up pursuing something wasteful. (This is living reactively).

Because you have no guiding principles or moral compass, you have no means whereby to measure yourself.

When you fail to measure yourself, you fail to course correct.

When you fail to course correct, you end up spending an embarrassing, irretrievable amount of time on that path of no value.

Being so invested, you’ll be prone to defend your investment, thus further entrenching your commitment.

In the end, you’ll find yourself nowhere meaningful, at a tremendous expense, and you’ll want to blame someone else, thus further enhancing the misery of the situation.

On the other hand…

If you have established some guiding principles, you have a fine-tuned moral compass.

Decisions are easy, guided, and your direction, deliberate.

Frequent measurement is automatic, and course correcting, because you’ll be so invested.  Invested in what matters most, invested in your pre-chosen direction.

In the end, you’ll do remarkable things, and leave a legacy of greatness.

Happiness, engagement, and fulfillment will surround you.

The good news…

…is that you can create your moral compass at any time.  Determine your guiding principles, catch a vision of where you want to go, and then use that compass to analyze your current trajectory.

If it doesn’t lead in the right direction, stop, change course, and spend the rest of your time investing in something of value.

It’s the only way to avoid the misery that so often accompanies those who lack clarity of purpose, and have no sense of direction.

Those who accomplish greatness don’t do it by choosing the path of least resistance, nor the path of greatest temptation.  They do it by staying true to the values, principles, morals, and direction they have pre-determined in a moment of clarity and insight.


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    • christie garlinger
      christie garlinger says:

      That is what I believe and living it is an example of the battles I have with myself because I believe it can go either way and is justified …but soo stressful thinking this way

  1. Rusty Lindquist
    Rusty Lindquist says:

    Hey there! Yes, totally alright, just been so busy getting this new product/platform ready for the NAR trade show. I’ve been up till 3-4 nearly every evening for the past couple of weeks. But it’s getting close, I can’t wait to start posting again, and am always looking for ideas!

  2. Rusty Lindquist
    Rusty Lindquist says:

    Hi Bill!

    Yes, things were crazy getting the WordPress platform launched for Agent Image at NAR, and then the post-NAR internal training for production staff etc.

    The good news, is that last week I was laid off (this’ll be the second consecutive year of being laid off right before Christmas).

    That’s not good news for Agent Image, or their customers (because the strategic product plan I had in place was really good), but it’s good news for this blog.

    In fact, I intend to make this blog my full-time endeavor. I’m turning it into The Life-Engineering Company (still pondering if that’s the final name). I’ll be posting lots more within the next couple of days.

    I plan on doing the occasional contract job (esp. custom wordpress websites for agents and Brokers) to help pay the bills while I ramp things up here.

    Either way, there are some exciting times ahead.

    BTW, if you know of anyone who needs a website done, let me know! And thanks for staying in touch. I look forward to having many more conversations over posts and products here.


  3. josh barry
    josh barry says:

    Man. Its so hard to know if you are being wasteful or not.
    There is so much evil walking around this planet seeking out the good and moral people left on this earth that I find myself doing battle in things that’ if I did not battle would alter my life in a destructive way further breaking away from what I know to be moral. The issue comes to a nasty head when the consequences of being moral are negative. Standing up for your moral compass is punished by those who band together to further their vicious agendas causing me to second guesd if I am really the one lacking the moral compass. The evil around us is growing rapidly and people who I deem to have no moral compass are being worshipped. Its hard to tell anymore if I am my own problem or just that the people and situations I have to battle with are so far removed from morality and common sence human law or gods law that it makes me feel like I am the one who is wrong. A lot of negativity comes at me and I feel like I’m bein tested in some way. Its just so much and so constant. It makes you question if u really are the evildoer or just the one the evildoers want to erradicate to further their agenda. I have found those with no moral compass seek out good or are somewhat attracted to good lime a moth to light so they can stamp it out. My whole life I’ve tried to always use my moral compass but it is easily punished in todays society. I want to leave the “immoral states of america” and to somewhere simple and peaceful. Somewhere the people automatically expect u to know what a moral compass is and will take particular exception to those who don’t have their own perdonal gepeddo in their pocket.

  4. Adrian Bishop
    Adrian Bishop says:

    The Moral Compass Foundation
    Celebrating Our Common Moral Compass

    If you are concerned about society’s moral compass and are searching for a clear secular moral compass as an ethical benchmark. Read the Moral Compass Foundation’s project to promote social cohesion with the “Celebrating Our Common Moral Compass” campaign at http://www.themoralcompass.co.uk

    The Moral Compass

    Never instigate the use of coercive force

    Accept responsibilities for personal actions and the consequences of those actions

    Practice a duty of care

    Affirm the individual’s right to self-determination

    Put the truth first

    Never use a person as merely an unconsenting means to an end, even if the end benefits others.

    Be honest

    Honour agreements

    Treat others as you want to be treated yourself

    Leave a positive legacy to future generations


    Adrian Bishop
    The Moral Compass Foundation

  5. Karl Fyall
    Karl Fyall says:

    Good website! I really love how it is simple on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I could be notified when a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your RSS feed which must do the trick! Have a great day!

  6. Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder
    Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder says:

    Dear Rusty (Lındquist)

    Only now I found your website: wishing to read about *good (basic) principles.

    I shared this on Facebook: I am (there) Willy Holmes-Spoelder and typed a long comment to go with your great expanation.

    Why I was inspired to *check* good principles today, I explained there (FB), whether others are interested reading your article & my words: ??. I FOUND your webside = for me the #1 BEST outcome. WOW. Thanks.


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