Rusty Lindquist to speak at TEDxSUU on Escape Velocity and his upcoming book "Discover the light within"

I received my official notification this week that I’ve been selected to speak at the upcoming TEDx conference at SUU.

I’m delighted. TED and TEDx talks are a constant source of inspiration and education to me, as they are to millions of others. To have the opportunity to speak at a TEDx event is an honor and a privlidge.

The talk will be a 12 minute segment from my upcoming book, Discover the Light Within. I’ll be sharing a little of my story (which you can read here), and discussing the first and foremost principle in Escape Velocity.

Here’s the speech summary I’ve sent to the organizers.

Discover the Light Within

I grew up in the midst of poverty, abuse, and even homelessness. Born to a biological father who wanted to sacrifice me, I endured two step-fathers who were angry alcoholics, until finally, at age 11, even my mom left me. Watching her drive away nearly broke me.

But over time, stripped of everything I cared about, including hope, I discovered a light within. A reservoir of strength. And I realized that I had a choice. I realized I could succumb to fear, anger, and depression, or I could rise above it. The decision was mine.

I learned that it’s not our past that matters, but our future. And we should make it great.

I’ve since developed a methodology for life and a framework for personal progress called Escape Velocity. It’s a term used to describe what’s required for an object to leave the gravitational pull of the earth. I believe that we are held captive by the gravitational pull of our past, or our surroundings, our self-beliefs, our labels, peers, families, and more. But that we have the power to overcome those gravitational pulls to take control of our lives and create incredible futures.

But it all starts with a critical first-step, a fundamental change to how we see ourselves… not as the product of our past, but for the potential of our futures. This recognition of our true potential is the pivotal moment we all must experience in our reach for greatness. We must discover the light within.

If you’re not familiar, TED is a platform for “ideas worth spreading”. It began in 1884, and has become one of the premier speaking conferences in the world, covering technology, science, entertainment, and design, all meant to open minds and spread ideas. TEDx are independently, locally operated events to help share these ideas in communities around the world.

All speeches are live-streamed, and professionally recorded, and can be viewed after the fact on the website. I recommend visiting and indulging as often as possible. It’s a tremendous source for inspiration and to open your eyes and expand your mind.

For those interested in attending, TEDxSUU will take place on March 26th in the Sterling R. Church auditorium on SUU’s campus. You can find out more information about it here. Otherwise, once the video is posted, I’ll post a link to it here.

Make life great,

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