Peaks and valleys. Life is full of them.

The important thing to remember when you’re in a valley, is that you won’t stay there forever. Valley’s are temporary, even when they seem to last an eternity.

Inevitably, you find yourself back on top again. Sometimes just remembering that can be the encouragement you need to endure.

And not all valleys are huge. Sometimes the valleys I face are daily, even hourly.

Sometimes I seem to have so much energy, direction, purpose, and momentum. And then, in a very short period of time, that all seems to get washed away somehow, and I feel tired, confused, or begin to doubt my former resolve and decisions.

When I start to feel that way, I consciously tell myself to shut up. I know it will pass; the clarity will come again, the resolve will return, the momentum will pick back up. And guess what. It does.

And so I think that one of the best ways to handle life’s little valleys is to just not take them to seriously.

Oh, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn our lessons (when the valleys were self-inflicted), but sometimes we just need a break, and it’s that simple.

So the next time you doubt yourself, the next time you question your journey, the next time you just feel tired and ready to give up. Just don’t. Tell yourself to shut up and chill. Forge ahead and soon you’ll find yourself back on the peak. And while you’re there, enjoy it, because it too, doesn’t last forever.