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The “Passion Project” initiative in Life Changing Services programs has been designed to help the warrior in training develop momentum toward something new, something productive, something meaningful… to be anxiously engaged in a good cause. Maurice Harker once said “you haven’t actually recovered from an addiction until you have momentum toward something new”.

To facilitate this, Life Changing Services has partnered with Life Engineering to give you access to the Life Engineering Orient workshop series. It’s designed to help them get oriented in life. It will focus them on their future, instead of their past; create a new identity for them to associate with; and will help them create momentum toward something they care about (their “passion project”).

LCS Graduates will now
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Getting oriented is about gaining perspective. It’s about choosing our narrative. It’s about putting the past in proper context and the future in proper light. It’s about surfacing from the distractions, gaining higher ground, getting above the fog and seeing clearly. (Read more)


Getting oriented is about Identity. It’s about knowing who you are, and not looking at yourself through anyone else’s lens. It’s about identifying what you’re good at, why that matters, and understanding how to leverage those strengths. And being happy with them. (Read more)


Getting oriented is about having an objective and knowing where you’re going. It’s about finding your purpose, your own inner sense of “why”. It’s knowing why are you here and why you matter. It’s knowing where you’re going so you have a sense of direction and something to work toward. (Read more)


Getting oriented is about alignment. It’s about aligning our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to our objective. It’s about making sure our objective aligns to who we are, not who someone else is. It’s about aligning our efforts to our purpose so we progress in the right direction. (Read more)

How does it work
and how do I start?

Here’s how it works:

  • The Orient Essentials series is broken up into 4 core elements
  • Each element consists of a one hour and 45 minute workshop
  • There’s one workshop each week, for four weeks
  • Workshops can be attended either in person or online (live)
  • If you miss a workshop, it’ll be available online afterward
  • You’ll have access to the online recordings for 1 full year!

We have a high-tech, high-comfort workshop room with two 4K cameras, multiple 55″ TV’s, high-quality, comfort seating, a professional microphone, and terrific audio and lighting, so it’s a high-quality experience whether you attend in person, or online.

Workshops begin every two or three weeks, so you can choose to begin whenever you’d like. You’ll register here and create your Life Engineering LCS Membership account (below). At that point you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose a class to enroll in, access recordings, and so much more!

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Want more details
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Week 1, Workshop 1


Choosing your lens

All of us come from somewhere. All of us have a story. But how you tell that story matters. How you interpret the events of your life makes a big difference in what happens from now on.

In week one you’ll learn to take control of your perspective. You’ll shape the lens you look through when looking back… and when looking forward. You’ll lift yourself out of the fog of daily life and create some context that will help you see the terrain of your life more clearly. This is a critical first step before we go any further.

You’ll learn that your past does not define you, and that your future can be whatever you want it to be. You’ll learn about some compelling and inspiring examples of this.

You’ll find a new sense of hope and determination that comes when you part the clouds and adopt a lens that allows you to see the light of your future.

You’ll learn about how beliefs create behaviors, and how behaviors create results… and that if you want to change your results, you have to start with changing your beliefs.

You’ll learn to actively inventory of your beliefs…. The things you believe about yourself… The things you believe about your past…. And the things you believe about your future.

You’ll end week 1 with a perspective that sets you up for the critical next step… figuring out who you really are.

Week 2, Workshop 2


Who you really are

You are unique, and that makes you infinitely valuable. You have strengths and competencies, gifts and talents that set you apart and make you who you are.

But it turns out we’re not inherently good at recognizing our own value. We’re not good at recognizing our strengths. We’re not good at seeing the incredible potential in the magical alchemy of our own assets.

The next step in getting oriented in life is to help you discover who you really are. You’ll learn why it is that we overlook our own talents and overvalue the talents of others. You’ll learn tools and techniques that will help you recognize the things about you that you should be celebrating.

You’ll begin to recognize that you are stronger than you know, and more capable than you realize. You’ll start to identify your strengths and your magic superpowers. You’ll come away with an ironclad identity statement that acts as an anchor in your life. It will inspire you and draw you forward. It will lift you up because it will adequately capture the very best you.

You’ll identify your critical contexts… areas of your life important enough to be deliberate about, and have a plan for. You’ll create an identity card that captures all of this and will act as a daily reference point to keep you oriented as the fog of life inevitably returns. If you really want to change your life, then you need to start by changing how you see yourself. This will be a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Week 3, Workshop 3


Finding purpose and direction

Now that we’ve restored your sense of perspective and that you’re seeing the landscape of your life more clearly… and now that we’ve created an appropriately firm, accurate, and uplifting identity, it’s time to help you answer some big questions.

Why am I here?
Where am I going?

Having a sense of purpose and direction is critical to being oriented in life. It gives you an ability to withstand the buffetings of things that would otherwise throw you off or knock you down.

When you know where you’re going and why you’re here, your eyes are on the future, not the past, and you gain confidence and courage, passion and power. You’ll find yourself waking up with more energy, and facing your future with more enthusiasm.

In this workshop you’ll take our proprietary Purpose-Finder assessment to learn what your own unique purpose is. It’ll connect you to your life’s mission and the real work you are here to do, and it will excite you. You’ll then break that down into achievable objectives that draw you forward and propel you through life. This is a journey that will change your future.

Week 4, Workshop 4


Staying on path

The reality is that sometimes we get off course. No matter how oriented we are, or were at one point, it’s terribly difficult to stay oriented. This is just part of life. It’s nothing to hyperventilate over. You just course correct so you’re back on the correct course.

The problem is that we often don’t recognize we’re off course until we’re so far off that there’s a huge amount of work involved in fixing it. In this workshop that’s what you’re going to change. You’ll learn how to install feedback mechanisms in your life that act as early indicators for when you’ve gotten off course.

You’ll learn a model that will help you recognize the stages of disengagement so that you can diagnose them in your own life, or in the lives of others, and know how to respond.

You’ll come away armed with our proprietary disengagement diagnostic that helps you recognize both when you’re off course and why you’re off course. It might also tell you that for whatever reason, you were on the wrong course to begin with, and now it’s time to change course.

You’ll learn how to know when your disengagement means you should change course or just what is missing so you can get back on the course you were meant for. A critical part of being someone who is consistently oriented in life is building the ability to quickly course correct so you spend more time moving in the direction you were meant to move. This workshop will help you stay on course.

Part 1 of a
transformative journey

The leading framework for achieving success in life

This Orient Workshop Series is step 1 of the powerful 6 Pillars framework. It has been specially tailored for Life Changing Services Graduates. It’s designed to help them orient themselves in life after gaining self-mastery to pave the path for their future.

It’s the only Life Engineering workshop series required for graduation, but there are additional workshops designed to help them move forward from there, to help them Execute on their new plan, Empower their journey, and Achieve real results.

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The leading framework for achieving success in life

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