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The truth about consumption

I firmly believe in the importance of measurement, and that the…
July 7, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

It’s all about attitude

The following is a video of Porter Ellet, a student at Wayne…
July 1, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the Fly,
a fable, by Mary Howitt
"Will you walk…
June 26, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Four reasons why hope breeds success

A larger vision
"Don't get your hopes up" the world so often…
June 12, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

How to reconcile hope with failure

Living the life of an optimist, or one naturally filled with…
June 11, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Lessons from the Apple iPhone 2.0

Whether you're an iPhone user or not, it's hard to deny the…
June 9, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

To teach or not to teach

This week I was reminded of an important principle that I wanted…
June 7, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

That’s not my job (poem)

Margaret added a poem to the comments over on the "That's not…
June 6, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Can’t we all just get along?

NBC has an article I found today about a man named Greg Pike,…
May 29, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

The blessed nature of simplicity

Life seems to have become so focused on how much more you can…
May 28, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Stop trying to be someone you’re not

I stumbled on some images on worth1000.com that dramatically…
May 27, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Keep a-goin

Keep a-Goin'
Frank L. Stanton

If you strike a thorn or rose,
May 20, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Introducing faith fitness

Every year, millions of people endeavor to become more physically…
May 14, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Be Strong

Be Strong
Maltbie Davenport Babcock

Be strong,
we are not here…
May 9, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

The underestimated power of faith

As an addendum to "What do Mormons really believe, Part 4"

May 7, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Of Royal Birth

I am a child of royal birth
Anna Johnson
I am a child of royal…
April 29, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

That’s not my job

Seth Godin, one of my favorite business/marketing bloggers, posted…
April 28, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Abundance Mentality – an undiminishable reserve

Have you ever met one of those people who just always give? …
April 23, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Our children cannot breathe

Yesterday, CNN had an article entitled "How air pollution hurts…
April 22, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

A psalm of life

A Psalm of Life
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Tell me not, in mournful…
April 21, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Life Sculptor

In association with "It is what you make of it" and "The Builders",…
April 17, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

The Builders

In relationship with this post (What are you building?), the…
April 17, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

It is what you make of it

Once upon a time there was a child whose father gave him a set…
April 16, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Be merciful to me, a fool

I have this funny memory of when I was 10 years old.  I lived…
April 14, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Do you measure yourself?

All day today I've been wallowing in spreadsheets, crunching…
April 10, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

A brief history of me – why I think we’re not limited by our past

When I was about 3 my mom and dad separated.  He'd had a vision…
April 8, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Emotional Supply Lines, they sustain us all

One critical element of military logistics is the notion of supply…
April 7, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Someone who decided to make a difference 2

I just read another inspiring story over on CNN (you can find…
April 4, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

A windshield wiper for life


Have you ever tried driving in a rainstorm without your windshield…
April 2, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Cycle Time – the power of frequency

In software development, there's a term called "cycle time",…
March 24, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

The Blind Painter

I discovered the following YouTube video today - a triumphant…
March 21, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Someone who decided to make a difference

Today I read an inspiring article on CNN about Scott Silverman. …
March 20, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Arthur C. Clarke, an example of packaging

Today Arthur C. Clarke passed away.  For those of you who may…
March 19, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

The power of packaging

There's an old saying "form follows function", and I disagree…
March 10, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Gravity’s lesson on influence (watch your environment)

So yesterday's experience at the car dealership caused me to…
March 7, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Being Persuasive

Persuasiveness pervades almost every aspect of our life.  Either…
March 6, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

There must be opposition in all things.

Today, one of my favorite bloggers and business thinkers, Seth…
March 5, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Opportunity is like a bar of soap

I remember one day at school we did these soap carvings.  I…
March 4, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Self-imposed limitations

When elephants are freshly caught in the wild and taken into…
February 20, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Placebo – the power of belief

In pharmacological research, every test that is done on a group…
February 20, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Standing out from the crowd

Let's face it; we live in a world of "mass". 

Mass marketing,…
February 19, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

The 3 D’s of Exalted Living

Decisions Determine Direction.  The point is that everything…
February 17, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist
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