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Sea shells and opportunities

Last week I was in Los Angeles California. My kids had made me…
February 15, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

The Pareto Principle – The easiest way to increase productivity

This single principle can have an exponential impact on how much you get done in life. It's a productivity powerhouse that, once understood, can be a game changer.
February 9, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

The principle of scarcity

The principle of scarcity is simple.  We tend to only value…
February 8, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

What dealerships know about motivation

A lot.
Car dealerships are experts in the art of motivation.…
February 4, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

My oldest son loved the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth". …
February 4, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

The art of barrier-busting

Late last night I was at the gym working on my shoulders, and…
February 3, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Change your life by changing your thoughts

Your mind is extraordinarily powerful.

Without even thinking…
January 26, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

My new book: Escape Velocity

No, this is not a book about physics.  At least not entirely.

December 14, 2009/by Rusty Lindquist

Efren Peñaflorida wins CNN hero of the year

In case you were not aware, every year, CNN hosts a special…
November 29, 2009/by Rusty Lindquist

Sacrifice is hard

Now that I'm officially unemployed, our family is having to make…
November 3, 2009/by Rusty Lindquist

Making the most of what you have

As I explained, last Friday I got laid off.  Committed to bouncing…
October 28, 2009/by Rusty Lindquist

How to solve the “unemployment” problem

As I mentioned yesterday (here), on Friday I lost my job.  It's…
October 27, 2009/by Rusty Lindquist


Friday I joined the ranks of the unemployed.  My prior company,…
October 27, 2009/by Rusty Lindquist

What does it take to be a hero?

In truth, not much.

Sure, there are elaborate heroes who do…
May 7, 2009/by Rusty Lindquist

Rededication, overcoming entropy in your personal life

I love... the turn of the new year, largely because we take the opportunity to reevaluate our lives, assess where we've been, and plan where we're going. It's a phenomenal event, pivotal, and magnificent. An important part of avoiding personal spiritual entropy.

Life is not casual. Life is engaging. Spend too much time as a bystander, and you find your life is filled with more regret, than accomplishment and opportunity... (read more)...
January 2, 2009/by Rusty Lindquist

Living simply, living now

In regards to the concept in this post how by small and simple…
December 8, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Small and simple things

Mother Teresa, a truly inspiring woman who dedicated over…
December 8, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Don’t give up, you are loved

I firmly believe that there's no amount of feel-good fluff that…
November 20, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Holding on for dear life

I was in Orlando Florida last week, presenting some new software…
November 19, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Thanksgiving… Giving thanks… what are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite seasons.  I prefer to think…
November 4, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Leadership through caring

No, this isn't "they don't care how much you know, until they…
October 23, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

What do you care?

"I don't care".

How often do you hear that phrase?

More importantly,…
October 22, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Family Night Suggestion – Appreciating our uniqueness

This past Monday, the pointer on our family night spinner rested…
October 17, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Polly Pocket doesn’t growl

Last night, I was at the kitchen sink doing the dinner dishes,…
September 18, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

What I learned from 9-11

This morning as I drove to work, I reflected on Sept. 11, 2001. …
September 11, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

If – by Rudyard Kipling

Today I wanted to share with you what has come to be my all-time…
September 2, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

God grant me wisdom


This quote by Reinhold Niebuhr has long been a…
August 28, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Strengthened by adversity

We all face adversity within our lives.  Some, far more than…
August 28, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Straining toward achievement

This morning I was at the gym, sweating, hurting, thinking I…
August 28, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

La Envoi, by Rudyard Kipling

La Envoi
Rudyard Kipling

When Earths last  picture is painted
August 25, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Michael Phelps – setting and achieving goals


Last week when we were on…
August 17, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Two lessons from Michael Phelps

Friday night, Michael Phelps fought to win his 7th straight gold…
August 16, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Finding your own personal sweet spot

In the world of business there's this little thing called…
August 14, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Family Time


The last 7 days we've been on vacation at the Oregon…
August 13, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Michael Phelps – Making your dreams come true


Tonight I watched the incredible men's 4x100 freestyle…
August 11, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Little Lin Hao – a survivor, hero, and example

Watching the Olympics is always inspirational to me.  But tonight…
August 9, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Inspiring words for those who need them

Today as I was looking through the search phrases people…
July 31, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Putting life into perspective

I absolutely love a freshly cut lawn.  There's just such a…
July 30, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Suffering in silence

Last night I struggled through most of the night with a terrible…
July 28, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Your spiritual ecosystem

An ecosystem includes you and all that surrounds you.  It's…
July 18, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Faith – a poem

Edgar A. Guest

It is faith that bridges the land of breath
July 9, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist

Principle based leadership

We all are given opportunities to lead.  Some lead vast organizations,…
July 8, 2008/by Rusty Lindquist
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