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10 steps to make change easier

Change is difficult, but by understanding the biology behind it, we uncover 10 powerful steps that can increase our chance of success, and even make it easier.
August 27, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Moments of quiet reflection

For us to find fulfillment and peace in life, it's critical that we regularly find time do this one simple thing. Stop.
August 26, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

If you’ve never been homeless, read this

Driving awareness and empathy to the issue of homelessness in America. Be aware, and help by sharing.
August 23, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

How great leaders inspire action – the golden circle.

The following TED talk, given by Simon Sinek, describes how it…
August 16, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Ken Robinson: The importance of creativity

Ken Robinson gives a TED talk on "Do Public Schools Kill Creativity", and then makes a poignant argument about the failure of public schools.
August 10, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Who I am makes a difference

The inspiring story of how a young man was saved by a simple expression of how important he was, in this touching story of “Who I Am Makes a Difference."
August 9, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Mastery and personal progress: the secret to fulfillment

Finding fulfillment, purpose, and direction in life isn't hard, once you realize these four fundamental truths about the pursuit of mastery and personal progress.
August 3, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

What you need to know to find meaning in life and work

It amazes me how many people I talk to, even those well into…
August 2, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

4 keys to boosting creativity

Creativity is an attribute that plays a substantial role in our…
August 1, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Fault Tolerance – managing shame and self-forgiveness


I'm a member of several psychology, neurology,…
July 27, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

3 things to help you succeed under pressure

These three things will increase your chances of success, and you'll learn why airplane windows are round.
July 2, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Why I shaved my head, and why you should too

No I don't mean litterally. Let me clarify, I literally DID shave…
June 29, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Appreciation changes everything

I'm a big fan of O.C. Tanner's philosophy around what they call…
June 3, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Consumption is killing creation

There are vast amounts of things we consume on a daily basis.…
June 3, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

You remember the Mayflower, but what about Speedwell?

On August 5th, 1620, the Pilgrims set out for America on two…
June 2, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Service Ride Control

The dashboard on my Yukon Denali XL (XL stands for extra long…
May 28, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Self-discipline is more important than IQ

Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman from the Positive Psychology…
May 28, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Important questions to ask for a successful job interview

I'm a huge fan of bnet.com. They have some marvelous content,…
May 27, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

3 Tips for Strengthening Your Family

Not too long ago my family was gathering around the kitchen table…
May 18, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Strengthening your family – resources

The other day I had the opportunity to speak at my church's stake…
May 17, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Anxiously engaged

Engagement. It's a measure of how emotional you are about something,…
April 21, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

The pursuit of mastery, and the mastery asymptote

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in his poem "A psalm of life" (here),…
April 15, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

An amazing story that changed a life

A couple weeks ago I had the most remarkable experience. I had…
April 6, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

There is no secret ingredient!

Perhaps one of my favorite all time movies is the brilliant…
March 31, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

What Abraham Lincoln taught me about failure

In 1831, Abraham Lincoln failed in business.

In 1832, Abraham…
March 24, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Control vs Influence

If you’re talking about your own life, control is what matters.…
March 22, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Microcosms make you stronger

As I’ve continued writing my book, Escape Velocity, I keep…
March 16, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Controlled Failure

As I mention here, we should be failing on a regular basis. …
March 12, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Making the most of microcosms

A microcosm is just a small version of something much larger.…
March 10, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Why are some able to change, while others are not

In conducting research for my upcoming book “Escape Velocity”,…
March 2, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Joannie Rochette – an emotional night

Joannie Rochette, a 24 year old from Quebec, was a 2009 World…
March 2, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Change Blindness – test your attention

I posted earlier about the “all of a sudden” syndrome that…
March 1, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Change blindness, and the all-of-a-sudden syndrome

As human beings, we tend to fall victim to the “all of a sudden”…
March 1, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist


The following is the words to the poem from the short film “Boundin”…
February 27, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Peaks and valleys

Peaks and valleys. Life is full of them.

The important thing…
February 26, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Shaun White, and the real story of his success

What on earth is the Double McTwist 1260?

It’s where…
February 24, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Are you failing on a regular basis?

I hope you answered yes.

Because if you answered no, then it…
February 23, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Anja Paerson, we fall and we get back up

Among the stories of olympic athletes at the 2010 Winter…
February 19, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Petra Majdic proves perseverance pays

Cross Country Sprint star Petra Majdic, from Slovenia was…
February 18, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Lindsey Vonn – Olympic example

Of the many champions at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver…
February 17, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

There is beauty all around

Early this morning I was on the way to the gym, when I was…
February 17, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist

Seth Wescott – gold medalist, honorary life-engineer

Yesterday was an amazing day watching 33 year old Seth Wescott…
February 16, 2010/by Rusty Lindquist
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