I absolutely love a freshly cut lawn.  There’s just such a harmonious, orderly, and clean appearance to it.   It looks, to the passerby, consistent and smooth, well tended.

But have you ever looked closely at a freshly cut lawn?  The closer you get to the grass, the more you notice that the ends are not cut evenly.  In fact, some are distinctly shorter than others.  Some are taller, some are cut at different angles, and some edges are even frayed.

But then stand back and you recover that same harmonious and clean appearance.

It is much the same with our own lives.  When inspected closely, as we tend to do to ourselves, there are days when our lives are inconsistent with what we think they should be.  Some days we simply don’t do as well as other days.  Some days we fail altogether.

But it’s often wise for us to step back and view our lives from a higher perspective.  For what matters most is not that every day is perfect, but that throughout the whole, we see an overarching pattern of progress.  A consistent drive towards Christ-like living.

This is the broad-scale panorama that God sees, and while he is intimately aware of the details of our lives, what he cares about the most is that we’re moving forward, doing our best, and repenting when we fall short. 

He knows that at times we might fail, and so provided a path of course correction, through repentance and the sacrifice of our Savior.

So while we shouldn’t attempt to excuse the impurities within our lives, nor be apathetic towards our daily progress, we also shouldn’t forget to step back, and put our lives into the proper perspective.

Only then, do we really know if our rows are perhaps a bit crooked, or if there is a spot or two that we need to go over again. 

So in life, don’t forget to step back.


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