Faith – a poem

Edgar A. Guest

It is faith that bridges the land of breath
To the realms of the souls departed,
That comforts the living in days of death,
And strengthens the heavy-hearted.

It is faith in his dreams that keeps a man
Face front to the odds about him,
And he shall conquer who thinks he can,
In spite of the throngs who doubt him.

Each must stand in the court of life
And pass through the hours of trial;
He shall be tested by the rules of strife,
And tried for his self-denial.

Time shall bruise his soul with the loss of friends,
And frighten him with disaster;
But he shall find when the anguish ends
That, of all things, faith is master.

So keep your faith in the God above,
And faith in the righteous truth,
It shall bring you back to the absent love,
And the joys of a vanished youth.

You shall smile once more when your tears are dried,
meet trouble and swiftly rout it,
For faith is the strength of the soul inside,
And lost is the man without it.

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4 replies
  1. amy
    amy says:

    How perfectly stated what my heart is feeling! I have much to learn in this area as I have let my faith waver as regards to my Mom’s latest health concern. Thanks to the faith of others she has had a miracle. I have been trying to sort out in my soul where I went wrong. This poem is my answer. Thanks!


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